Trailers & Hitches Of Columbus, is locally owned by John Lemieux and family operated by John and his wife Christy. The store opened in 1993 with minimal staff and a handwritten ticket book. Since then we have grown to occupy two business lots on Hamilton Road. One building is dedicated as our full service repair shop. This is where we install frame hitches, 5thwheels, goosenecks, turnover balls, mount tires, install medical wheelchair and scooter lifts and install truck accessories. We troubleshoot wiring issues, replace taillights, install brake boxes, grease and pack bearings and DOT inspections. We even offer EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. Basically whatever your truck or trailer needs to get back on the road and to be safe. We like to call it “Road Ready.”

The other building on the lower lot is dedicated to Line-X Protective Coatings. This building houses the spray booth and prep area where we prep/wash the item we are spraying such as truck beds, fenders, boats and jeeps to name a few. We have over 15 years of experience in spraying and prepping for the Line-X product. We use a special wire tape to give a precise line where the material stops. We take the time to prep your interest at heart so you can clearly see the professional expertise we have to offer.

In addition we also have a full stocked showroom with every possible ball mount, pintle hook, winch, straps, couplers, jacks or truck accessory you could possibly imagine. If you don’t see it in the showroom it will be here the very next day. There is no additional charge for shipping. Come by and see our showroom and meet our friendly staff!